How To Personalise Each Of Your Customers’ Experience On Your WordPress Site

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But, Can WordPress Hack It?

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If you’re familiar with WordPress, the idea of providing a personalised experience for each of your members, customers or even visitors, may sound a little beyond your reach…

..especially if you’re also familiar, or at the least, have caught wind of predictive technology being used for enhancing user experiences.

Now, the importance of how your website visitors interact with your online store for example, is essential data for helping provide a seamless or enjoyable user experience. 

However, it’s never as straight forward as it sounds when actually pulling things together. There are always additional micro-steps that fall in-between the main steps of any given task. Plus, there are things that can go wrong, or mistakes overlooked. 

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could line up your optimized campaigns, tested and configured, ready to either generate sales for you or collect leads and subscribers. But, not only this. Once your visitors become customers or members, something kicks in that trigger software to flourish them with a personalized experience throughout their journey on your site.

Assuming that you use, or are already, or even considering using WordPress for e-commerce, blogging or other. Having access to such a well-oiled conversion strategy or system as described above would be perfect. As simple as it sounds, building customer funnels and the likes can be quite intricate. Which is why WordPress has a lot going for it.

As someone selling your own artwork, products or services, you can easily employ a system that deals with every aspect of your customer journey. The complete process, from entering your site, right through to making a purchase, delivery and then the continued after care…

Now, whilst there are so many WordPress plugin options available it is often difficult finding something that will reliably fit your needs, as well as fit your budget. Which is why I’ve decided to highlight the undeniable usefulness of the ThriveThemes suite of WordPress tools. Especially, if you want to reduce the level of hassle you will inevitably encounter.

Now, just focusing away from WordPress for a few seconds – here’s an alternative to having a self-hosted site, a platform that I have been trying out myself. Shopify!  Shopify provides a very neat ‘all-in-one’ e-commerce solution, saving you lots of time and effort.

There are plenty of individuals currently using Shopify for building fashion, and clothing related sites, with as many, engaged in the practice of drop shipping. Which increases the ease of being able to sell almost any physical product from your store without any inventory of your own.

Okay, so as I digress a little too far… As with Shopify, WordPress also allows the integration of third-party services, resource and so on. So to answer any doubts you may have concerning WordPress as the platform for ‘carrying’ your eCommerce store. Yes, WordPress can hack it. So at this point let me introduce the ‘hero’ or the main subject, behind this post. 

Something For The In-Betweens…(but keep scrolling for the juicy bits)

inbetweens-4 To start with, building a WordPress site is not a simple matter of just clicking a few buttons and hey presto – you have a site ready for populating with your own content. Yes, it can be that simple to start a site these days.

However, it’s the things you need to do before or in-between the process of clicking those ‘few buttons’.

Yep, there are so many in-betweens; in-between building a web page for attracting visitors, in-between building a web form for collecting subscribers, in-between engaging with subscribers to making sales…and the in-betweens go on…

Meet Thrive Ultimatum – It Will Help With The Customer Side.

Have you ever had an online experience so synchronized with the interaction between yourself and the website navigation; dialogue and so on…

… it felt like there was an actual person on the other end working with you?

It’s sometimes these very subtleties that make all the difference as to what makes a good customer experience that will readily grow into trust and loyalty. These are the things that can help tie-up the in-betweens more efficiently. Let me explain how…

Now, for the purpose of this post and explaining what Thrive Ultimatum is – referring to predictive website communication should be thought of as anything that communicates a message to the user, and in a way that is synchronic with what the user intends…

Now, this type of synchronization or predictive website communication is something which, many large online businesses are already employing in some form or another, within the personalized journeys they provide for each of their customers. After all, how do you think Amazon knows what to suggest as items you may be interested in.

Normally these are items related to your purchases or items you have shown an interest in. Maybe not exactly the same method. However, there are many other examples of this type of personalization, and with ThriveUltimatum you can start using similar methods within your very own WordPress website. Okay, you might think that this type of ‘wizardry’ is beyond your reach or know-how, and is only available to those with the technical noose or budget.

Well, Thrive Ultimatum is one way for WordPress users to start enhancing the experience of their customers and website visitors, whilst filling in those in-betweens.

Although setting up a scarcity campaign with time countdowns and the likes, is primarily the reason why most people will find Thrive Ultimatum useful. There is so much more behind the complete ThriveTheme offer. You can quickly and easily choose from the growing templates available from the Thrive Ultimatum dashboard and start building evergreen campaigns right away!

Creating Evergreen Scarcity Campaigns Demo.

To begin with, it should be known that Thrive Ultimatum, although a standalone plugin, is really only a component of the Thrive Themes offering. Combining the use of the other powerful plugins and themes available, you can easily incorporate a fully functioning conversion focused marketing system into your online business setup.

You can even merge campaigns so that when a specific customer’s journey is completed, a fresh one may start. Thrive Ultimatum remembers exactly at what stage of a campaign your customers are. Allowing you to tailor your campaigns and communicate information relevant to a specific customer’s progress and more. With this plugin installed, starting off is simple. From the ThriveThemes Dashboard, select ThriveUltimatum and add a new campaign…


Currently, there are 3 campaign types to choose from;

  1. Site-wide with an absolute date. These are campaigns with a definitive start and end date.
  2. Site-wide with a rolling date. These are recurring or repeat campaigns. 
  3. Site-wide evergreen campaign. These are campaigns triggered by the customer actions…

A great deal can be achieved with the current three campaign types alone, but wait, I believe there is more on the horizon – just wait until you get inside. Once you have selected your campaign type. In this case, we’ll go for the Site-wide Evergreen campaign, as I’m itching to see how this ‘predictive’ styled feature works…

The following is a quick and brief run through on how to set up an evergreen scarcity campaign with ThriveUltimatum: thrivedashboard-copy

Evergreen Scarcity Campaigns

So, let’s jump to the juicy bits. This is the option where you can provide a personalized experience for each of your visitors, subscribers, or customers?

At this point, you may need to be a little more descriptive when defining your audience. You’ll have visitors, yes. But you’ll also have customers, people who have purchased from you. And even between your customers, you’ll have further segmentation, which you can cater for – each in a personalized way.

  • Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic!

thrivedashboard-co2copy Right! Starting an evergreen campaign using Thrive Ultimatum is fairly intuitive, however there  are a few things you may need to know about beforehand.

So, for example, before you can choose a design type for, say, your countdown timer, there are a few steps and settings you may want to make, like activating  (b) ThriveLeads as your email capture device. This will immediately have your email list taken care of, plus you’ll have all the power that ThriveLeads itself has to offer. You will also need to tell ThriveUltimatum  (a) how long you wish for the campaign to last.

The other current trigger type options are  for a (c) first time visit, or for a specific page. Once that’s all done… you can now select where, amongst your pages and posts etc, your campaign is to be displayed.

next   Jumping a few steps ahead, this is where you can display an overview of your campaigns timeline. The example in the image below shows a timeline of how your campaign is scheduled. As you complete the different action points they will appear in the order or day they are to be activated. tu-timeline


To conclude: ThriveThemes are pretty well known for their ongoing support, so you can expect that there will be new and enhanced features added to ThriveUtimatum later. Combining the power of the complete suite of conversion focused tools by ThriveThemes, if you are marketing a product or service, you should check them out.

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