Is It Worth Learning Code? | Online Learning

With almost anyone able to create beautiful, effective online content, all without any coding experience – why should you still bother with learning code?


…because a little code can expose you to a whole new world!

In spite of all the flexibility you may have with your current content builder. (For the context of this post; whatever it is you use for building your websites or apps). You’ll always find that there will be something you want to do that is not quiet readily achievable, at least without some tinkering with code.

Fortunately for most of us, software such as ThriveContentBuilder, a much adored example of the ‘No Coding Experience Required’ band of software. These type of plugin or add-on styled software, certainly help eliminate the need for the user to posses any coding skills whatsoever. Whilst at the same time affording the flexibility of drag and drop ease-of-use, as its the case with Thrive Content Builder.

Now that’s not to say that coding for the content creator, developer, web designer, etc. is to become obsolete, of course not. After all, at the least someone will need to code the software we use in the first place – right. But, that’s another subject.


“No Coding Skills Required Software,” Requires People With Coding Skills – Why Not Start Learning Code Yourself With Online Learning.

So give me a good example of where coding may come in handy?

Let’s imagine a situation where you have an eCommerce template, where the menu is positioned at the very top of the page. Besides that absolutely everything else about the template fits your requirements perfectly.

Unfortunately though, the theme doesn’t have an option for doing something so arbitrary and there are no plugins available that will readily do this for you. And at the same time, it’s imperative that you position the menu lower down the page with a logo positioned above it. Sounds like a simple to resolve problem?

So, what do you do? Compromise a template that is perfect for your project, all for the sake of the default menu not being in the right place?

Well with a little coding experience and some guidance, you can fix your problem easier than you might think. Maybe you have some better examples to share than the one I have provided…

Anyway, even with a basic understanding of building a website, using text editors and HTML etc. You’ll have a the necessary knowledge of how your website is structured, which will also help with conceptualising how to tackle most coding related tasks.

Where can I learn code online?

To begin with, whilst there are already huge numbers of how to videos on the likes of sites such as YouTube. Fortunately there are specialised websites like and Treehouse that both provide a far more complete and conducive format for learning.

Plus you know that what you are learning is coming from a reputable source. Along with an environment, or interface, suitable for getting down to some consolidated knowledge gathering.

For example, with Treehouse you can practice what you’ve learned through quizzes and interactive Code Challenges. And if you are adventurous you can go on to learning how to apply you skills into creating your own software application.

Create your own amazing digital products

How would you like to create you own amazing app at your own pace?

With a little coding knowledge you can take command of technologies such as Ruby on Rails and start building your own products sooner than you think.


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