The Big Problem For Most WordPress Users…


When WordPress feels like entering the cockpit of an airplane, here’s what to do.

Bring all your WordPress sites together, automate, optimise and take control using the AiO plugin.

aio plugin

What if you could transform your default WordPress installation into a powerful blog, ready to rank within 30 seconds.

AIO Software Resource for Wordpress plugin automates the entire process of setting up a WordPress site making it Google SEO ready, plus other essential features for building a conversion focused blog.

If you are new to WordPress, AIO will help you avoid making the mistakes even seasoned WordPress users make. Besides it can take you anything from 3o minutes and longer to set up a  Wordpress site optimised for generating income. Whereas with AIO you can set up correctly in less than a minute instead.

You see, whilst WordPress is relatively simple to use once it is setup, it’s the initial configuration bit that can be the underlying long term problem that most WordPress bloggers and eCommerce users suffer.

AIO Conversion Ready Software

One thing you can certainly enjoy is the capability to create incentivised discounts according to your visitor’s origin of country, state or city by Incorporate the fully customisable built in Call To Action Maker with ‘GEO-Target Booster’. You will also be able to stealthily and safely cloak all your long URLs.

The AIO for WordPress –  5-step interface

1. Delete all the junk pages – remove all the default Wordpress bloatware that comes with installation.

2. Set up title and title tags – ensure your your title and title tags are set and choose the recommended permalink structure for your site.

3. Install all the essential – choose from the recommended plugins from a variety of categories like Traffic, Analytics, Speed and Security.

4. Create legal pages  – produce Privacy and Terms of Service pages with a single click.

5. Maintain your website – update plugins and themes on complete autopilot.