WordPress Trends to Help Enhance User Experience

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WordPress Trends to Improve User Experience.

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Despite all the different Internet networks and forums you may participate in, or the newsletters you have subscribed to. Staying aware of the most recent WordPress trends can easily slip under your inspirational radar, causing you to miss out on some juicy opportunities to wow and captivate your readers.

Anyway, just to make sure that you are at least in the know about these 3 helpful features, plus a few related ‘nuggets of info’ I wish to share with you.

With the following you can enhance the experience of your website visitors. Of course you do not need to use all of them, although I am sure there will be at least one that you will want to add to your ‘Wish List’.

user experience

You may for example, be working on a new website where you have simply settled for the standard way of doing things, and only because you were unaware of what else is so readily available.

Now, you don’t need to go over the top. Remember the whole point of your website is to communicate and engage with an audience whilst providing an enjoyable and seamless experience.

WordPress Trends vs Functionality

As a conscientious content producer, sure you want the messages within your content to be effective and useful. But you also need to take care of business, you know… like collecting subscribers and so on. 

So, at this point I am hoping that you may have just recalled your first online experience with a ‘pop up’ website form, and how it responded to your interaction with your browser – almost as if you were engaging with a real person on the other end.

Pop-ups do not need to be annoying, with the right plugin there are a number of options that will help you enjoy the power of collecting subscribers in this way.

wordpress trends

1. The Pop-up Window

This novelty soon wore-off (I think), especially as you discovered there was no real intelligence behind it and you were only part of an automated process –  its ubiquity soon saturated the web becoming annoying – never mind tedious to deal with.

But alas, there are some interesting developments with the way in which ‘pop-ups’ work today. Take for example you can now tell a pop-up to only trigger under certain criteria, which can actually make ‘pop-ups’ that – more bearable. 

Increasingly though, there are a number of other trends well worth taking note of, ones which are not annoying to visitors. Ones that can save you time and money as well as improve the effectiveness of your message and marketing efforts. And some of which you may have experienced yourself and thought; “Oh wow, this works well…” 

Believing that you’d need to have a programmer and other technical ‘doodahs’ in place in order to accomplish the same thing. It never occurred to you that you could employ these trends quite easily yourself, using WordPress.

Unlike the infamous ‘pop up’ window, the following features are focused more on enhancing the experience of your visitors without being obtrusive, yet delivers and directs your message in a fluid manner, if executed appropriately. [LEARN MORE]

The following are 3 more WordPress trends to help enhance the user experience of your website visitors:

user experience

2. Website Parallax Scrolling.

Website Parallax scrolling is an attractive and seamlessly fluid method of presenting a single page of images or information. By moving different layers of images at varying speeds Parallax Scrolling creates an illusion of depth. 

By simply scrolling, the viewer experiences the illusion of  different images or pages overlapping each other, and in some cases giving the impression of movement or animation. Here is an excellent example of Parallax Scrolling in action.

To add parallax scrolling to your site, you can either use Website Parallax Scrolling Scripts or Plugins, or use a Parallax supported WordPress theme. And if you are really up for it, you may want to learn how to add parallax to your site from scratch.

See a Demo   |   Parallax WordPress Alternative   |  Plugins & Scripts

One Page Menu (Parallax): 

This is a highly effective way of treating your visitors to a speedy navigational experience. The one page menu, employs the use of Parallax Scrolling. However, doesn’t it kinda remind you of Anchor  links ?

See Demo   |   Open Source JQuery Plugins   |   Create Anchor Links


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2. Smartphone and Tablet Viewing

Seeing that an increasingly huge population of internet users actually do so on their mobile phones or tablets. It would be a real shame to neglect them and not provide a user interface that was apt for viewing on hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This is where the Responsive Theme comes into play, you may have come across this feature described as Mobile-Ready or Mobile Friendly. The thing to watch out for here, is that there is a distinctive difference between a Responsive Theme and a Mobile Friendly Theme.

Unlike a Mobile Friendly Theme, which is essentially a smaller rendition of your exact website, optimised  for mobile viewing. A Responsive Theme, on the other hand, will actually generate a customised mobile viewing experience. Such as display a special menu that kicks-in when viewing on a tablet or smartphone…

Find ThriveThemes Responsive Themes


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3. Print Page to eBook or PDF

The third and final trendy feature you can add to your WordPress website, is to include a simple way in which readers can format your posts for viewing later in their e-readers. Although this may not be a great demand for most, the concept does lend itself to other possible uses.

The capability to print web pages to PDF is nothing new. In fact your browser has probably been able to handle  this for years. But did you know that you can make this a very simple operation for your readers, by including a Print to PDF button on your blog posts. Oh, and not forgetting ZinePale from where you can print your existing website pages as a PDF or other formats.

But wait!

That is not all, providing you have the necessary plugins installed, you can also print to your favourite eBook formats such as Apple’s iBook. In order for this to work, you will need to have DOT EPUB activated in your Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browser.

Whilst we are on the subject of PDFs, I thought it would be appropriate to mention Smile Software, one of my sponsors. Be sure to check them out if you are a Mac user.

Smile Software is the company responsible for PDF Pen Pro for Mac, which is an excellent and easy to use solution for editing PDFs,  generating PDF fillable forms,  employing OCR for converting your hard copy documents to digital documents.


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