Why Your Website Rank Doesn’t Mean A Thing.

Are you someone that has on the odd occasion found yourself checking your Alexa rank, only to be left feeling a little disappointed?


Great Alexa Rank, But No Sales..Here’s What you Should Be Looking at Instead.

Compared to the so many other websites that obviously should NOT rank higher than yours – does leave you wondering just how valuable this “Alexa Ratings” thing really is anyway.

You rank high and no conversions, you rank low and well… read on.

Whilst you already know that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the Alexa Rankings – but you can’t help yourself…

You understand the phenomenon concerning ranking high and how this is perceived by potential visitors to your website. Regardless at how you may look at the situation, having a high rank naturally indicates popularity and encourages trust, as well as instils the confidence to buy in the view of visitors exploring what you have to offer.

Well, I couldn’t have said it any better, but it’s true. “You can buy website traffic, but you can’t buy revenue?” This is something I heard said by Shane Melaugh at ThriveThemes  during one of his presentations describing some of the principles of ‘scarcity marketing’  for which I will provide details on later in this post.

So, You’re Ready to Receive Traffic!

“ When you’re ranking high you stand a better chance of receiving visitors,  or being found…” 

Whilst this is relatively true, let’s face it, you can easily (right now if you like) find a website a high Alexa ranking with virtually nothing more than advertising banners and little copy on a topic that can be found almost anywhere else on the internet.

Or, one of those sites that provide you with a catchy headline or subject, however leads you to content that could have easily been presented on a single page, but instead has been split into several pages just so you spend longer consuming the entire content. (Well it was so at the time of writing this post – lol)

Which goes to prove that if you know what you are doing with regards to Search Engine Optimisation and other means of generating ‘traffic’, you can certainly boost your ranking too. But, is this what YOU are really after?

Wouldn’t you rather connect with your visitors and most importantly of all, make those necessary sales or other conversions. Ultimately the main purpose most promotional campaigns is to make a sale…isn’t it?

countdown-15-850So What Really Counts?

Typically the more Likes you have on Facebook , The Pluses gained on Google or the Retweets you have for a post on Twitter, the more confidence other users will have in whatever it is you are sharing. And its likewise, when your Alexa score is a high.

(Note: just to clear the semantic – having a ‘high score’ or ranking is in descending order, for example 3,050 is a higher score than 28,000,000).

Now, unfortunately, due to ‘bad Traffic’ as I’ve heard it described, this is the kind of website traffic that skews the reality as to what actual visitors really think.

And then, there is the issue of reciprocation, which is a valid attribute, however this is often marred by the fact that individuals will honour the return of a favour; a Like for a Like or other for example, and all without even having consumed the content in question and therefore providing disingenuous credibility.

And what’s about situations where an exchange does not quite meet the standards YOU would typically settle for – do you still click that Like button or do you dishonour reciprocity.

So What Does Really Count? I would say that first and foremost, you need to present a topic that people can relate to or are interested in… but that’s me going down the obvious route.

So let’s instead go straight to the ‘meat of the matter’ and discuss making your visitors take action, it’s this action that leads to conversions. If you provide a good experience, well do I need to say, I’m sure there are certain things YOU like or dislike about the website offers you visit. Use some of your own experience as a guide.

But what really counts are the actual conversions – the ‘goal’ for every campaign or small promotion. This could be the sale of a product or service. Or, subscription to a newsletter or membership.

So, How Do You Make Conversions?

Now, in case you didn’t know, and I’m guessing that you do, the team at ThriveThemes are dedicated to making tools that help enhance your conversion rate.

From the look of your website – with a collection of WordPress themes – right through to how you acquire genuine subscribers with flexible opt-in web forms and landing pages.

Basically, everything you’ll need to maintain a healthy list of a genuinely interested audience, especially if you are still at the early phases of building your online marketing system.

There are many ways of making conversions, however I’m going to let you in on something you’ve always known. This is something that you can incorporate along with your overall marketing. Yes you guessed, it’s scarcity, but it’s not just about scarcity marketing but also how you have prepared your website for receiving visitors and their overall experience.

If you know you’ve got a great product, scarcity marketing can  quickly boost your sales – if done right. So, before you rush ahead and try it out for yourself the following tips may come in handy.

Bearing in mind, the conditions necessary for a sale or conversion to actually take place can be divided into two points of view. (1) from the perspective of the visitor, and (2) from that of the website owner.

The visitor definitely first needs to be in a receptive mode in order to take any action. But also there are many other factors such as how easily the transaction can take place.

Meanwhile the website owner (YOU) need to ensure that the visitors ability to respond to your call-to-action is made as conveniently simple as possible.

Off course the visitor will need to be already equipped with a means of paying, if in the case of a product offer. So, in return you will need to also be able to both receive payment and promptly deliver the purchased goods.

Right! Now with all that out of the way, let me get to the point. 

Focussing from the point at which a visitor first makes any contact with your offer, be it a Google Ad, email, an ebook or a social media post.

Scarcity is one marketing technique that gets genuinely interested, ready-to-buy visitors, to a website offer FAST.

Creating 100 % Evergreen Scarcity Campaigns.

Now, what I am about to tell you is not just simply to echo the idea of scarcity, but to demonstrate the power of the Thrive Ultimatum Wordpress Plugin.

What’s ThriveUltimatum? I hear you ask… Just to think, you will be able to create and customise highly optimised sales funnels tailored specifically for the individual experience of each of your website visitors. Yep, that’s right, each new visitor is assigned with their own countdown and their own time limit. And that just one of the many features you’ll find with Thrive Ultimatum.

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