It’s Like Editing Directly In Preview Mode.

For those that care about how beautiful a website looks…


Are you ready for a whole new way of designing and managing WordPress?

You are, then great, because what I am about to reveal are 3 WordPress resources especially for the WordPress user that values both design aethetics and functionality. I anticipate that at least one of these is a platform you are not familiar with.

Not everyone cares about how beautiful a website looks. In fact, you may even hear some people brag how successful their websites have been with no attention paid to the design or appearance at all. Maybe so, but typically their success was likely to have been at a time when the competition was sparse.

Personally, I don’t believe them – But what do YOU think?

After all, today, designing a professional looking website, even if you have no coding or technical knowledge, can be as easy as clicking a button. And there are so many exciting WordPress platforms out there that provide an all-in-one styled solution for the design conscious WordPress user.

With the necessary tools for marketing your creative work either as an individual or a business, these platforms often come with a membership option allowing access to a suite of themes, plugins and other tools and resource.

Now, besides ThriveThemes, an old-time favorite, the following are 3 platforms that have ‘stepped outside the box,’ so to speak, and offer practical solutions that are both easy to use and super useful if you also intend on generating income or collecting leads from your website.

So here they are;

1. Build Things Visually with Elegant Themes

The first of the 3 platforms worthy of a mention for ‘stepping out side the box’ is Elegant Themes. And specifically for their impressive answer to WYSIWYG editing and the many themes available.

Now, I have come across a number of great answers to the WYSIWYG band, mostly incorporating drag and drop features similar to the likes of website building services such as WiX.

designing directly into the design

However, with the Divi Theme by ElegantThemes, you truly do design in WYSIWYG mode. In short, you edit directly on the page you are working on as if designing directly in Preview mode. So you can see exactly how your design looks as you go along. There is no switching from the back-end default WordPress Visual mode to Preview. Design directly into your design!

divi and elegant

Elegant Themes is a geographically distributed community team.

Divi-Den – A Home for Divi Themes

2. Graph Paper Press for Creatives – Still Rated Highly!

The 2nd of my 3 of the best is GraphPaperPress website designs for creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Mentioned right here on Word On Press back in 2014, we describe Graph Paper Press as the “Evergreen Minimalist” WordPress Themes platform.

Alongside its beautifully simple WordPress Themes GraphPaperPress’ Sell Media plugin is geared to having you set up and ready for selling your work quickly and easily – your visitors can make purchases without ever leaving your website.

Graph Paper Press is a geographically distributed team emanating from the USA, New York.

3. ThemeCloud Full Service Hosting

woppd themecloud create account

The ThemeCloud platform emphasis lies in their offer of real one click WordPress installation and hosting, whilst also alleviating the technical worries of managing a WordPress website. Simply choose your theme design and ‘presto’ you have a fully functional website.

Now, with the Live Composer, a feature most users will appreciate especially as it allows you to readily create customized templates. You can create customized layouts from the WordPress themes provided by the platform that is specific to your requirements.

If you happen to be a theme developer, ThemeCloud also has a place for you – where you can upload your creations and start selling to the public. Go check it out now – you can test ThemeCloud for FREE for up to 2 weeks!

ThemeCloud is located in France, Paris.

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