Is Lorem Ipsum Really Just Gobbledygook?

Lorem Ipsum Text Generators


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Contrary to what most students and professionals believe, Lorem Ipsum  is NOT just gobbledygook after all…


In fact, based on some research and various accounts, Lorem Ipsum originates from classical Latin.

Used by designers, Lorem Ipsum provides a suitable alternative to completed copy. By simulating the behaviour of typical modern text, Lorem Ipsum can be used to give the idea of how a completed design may look with the text included. This was very useful for designers during the drafting stages of a design, and was especially useful before computers became as accessible as they are today.

During those days, that is before computers became so widely used in the design studio, brands such as Letraset provided sheets of Lorem Ipsum rubdowns or transfers which designers would use to display how text may look on, lets say a magazine spread or the packaging for a cereal box, before committing to the final typesetting and the related costs. Using Lorem Ipsum is a good way of determining which fonts and font sizes work best with your designs.

There are still many instances where Lorem Ipsum is used for producing mockups, visuals, dummies templates etc. But where can you find examples on the internet?

Tell me, as a designer was Lorem Ipsum amongst one of the very first search queries you ever made?

Fortunately, there are a number of online Lorem Ipsum text generators available. The following is an example of Lorum Ipsum in action using a generator. Plus, I have included a list of related links to content of interest below.

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You can use the generator below to produce your own simulated text by adjusting the number of paragraphs, words and other attributes.