What Is Bootstrap and What Does It Have to Do With WordPress?

bootstrap steps beforeBootstrap and Why WordPress Themes?

Think of bootstrap as a library of code that you can use with your HTML projects for making the task of creating responsive web apps or sites easier.

Bootstrap was first created by Twitter and although I was fairly familiar with what I thought was a term for describing the creation of something new based on existing resources. I only just recently became aware of what Bootstrap actually is myself. This became apparent after dabbling with Mobirise (read post), that basically Bootstrap is a front-end javascript framework  (code already written for you ) and is used for developing responsive website projects or web apps incorporating HTML, CSS and javascript capability.

Basically, it’s what you professional developers will use as a starting point for building a WordPress Theme. Bootstrap provides the framework on which to build your WP Theme.

To get started, you can download Bootstrap just as you would WordPress, or any other software.

Now, from the perspective of a non-coder, you may find Bootstrap a little intimidating, however, based on the many comments found over the net, mention of its ease-of-use seems to be a generally shared sentiment.

Now if you are looking for useful Bootstrap info and resource here are few interesting sites to visit:

1.Bootsnipp – An element gallery for web designers and developers.

2.Bootply – Design, prototype, or test the Bootstrap framework. You can also share code to quickly build a Bootstrap interface.

3.Bootswatch – Free themes for Bootstrap.

4.Bootstrap and {less} – Web Development using Bootstrap and less for making tasks easier.


WordPress has a wide community fuelled by events such as WordCamp

Well, as you have probably gathered, WordPress is a community fueled project, where Automattic does play and continues to play an affirmative role in the development of WordPress. So forgive me if I may have given the impression that WordPress was actually owned by Automattic in any past posts here at woppd.com or wordonpress.com

However, this is about empowering YOU and your craft for wherever you want to go…

..but let’s take stock for a moment and consider that due to the nature of WordPress – being that it’s Open Source, it’s difficult to imagine that the software would have ever become as popular as it is today.

What do you think, is Open Source the best way forward for the future development of software for the Internet? And does it really provide the opportunity for developers to innovate both quickly and safely?