What Is Bootstrap and What Does It Have to Do With WordPress?

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Bootstrap Editors, and Why WordPress Themes?

Think of bootstrap as a library of code that you can pick and choose from, in order to build your own web projects. But, there’s more…

Bootstrap was first created by Twitter and although I was fairly familiar with what I thought was a term for describing the creation of something new based on existing resources. I only just recently became aware of what Bootstrap actually is myself. This became apparent after dabbling with Mobirise (read post), that basically Bootstrap is a front-end javascript framework  (code already written for you ) and is used for developing responsive website projects or web apps incorporating HTML, CSS and javascript capability.

So, Bootstrap Editors (or Builders) in a nutshell…

…help make the undertaking of responsive web development projects a lot easier. You do not have to write out all the initial code, that founds the basis of your web design project. Instead, you select from a range of components, and simply drag them onto your canvas. WordPress Themes are created using Bootstrap. 

Basically, it’s what you professional developers will use as a starting point for building a WordPress Theme. Bootstrap provides the framework on which to build your WP Theme.

Because you are probably looking for useful Bootstrap info and resource, the following is a list of some the better editors and builders available. If however, you just want to get started with building a ‘managed-hosted‘ WordPress website, skip to the video below for a quick introduction – just so you have an idea of how Bootstrap fits into the building of the infrastructure behind the WordPress we all know .

1. Bootsnipp 

An element gallery for web designers and developers. Bootsnipp is an element gallery for web designers and web developers, anybody using Bootstrap will find this website essential in their craft.

2. Bootply

Design, prototype, or test the Bootstrap framework. You can also share code to quickly build a Bootstrap interface.

3. Bootswatch 

Free themes for Bootstrap.

4. Bootstrap and {less}  

Web Development using Bootstrap and less for making tasks easier.

5. Brix

A fully featured responsive interface builder allowing users to design application, website or mobile app for specific needs.

6. Firebase

Built on Google infrastructure and backed by Google Cloud Platform, Firebase scales automatically for all apps, from basic to large and complex…

7. Jetstrap

Twitter ‘Bootstraper’s’ use this 100% web-based interface building tool – just log in and start building. Access your work from anywhere.

8. Layoutit

Drag-and-drop components to fit your own design. Integrate with any programming language – simply replace with your own variables, loops, etc. All your designs can be Responsive CSS and Fluid

9. Pingendo

From plain HTML, SASS and CSS – keep things simple, fully customizable and easily integrable with Javascript…

10. Pinegrow

A desktop web editor with live multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, plus smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation and WordPress.

11. Telerik

 A complete JavaScript UI component library that allows you to quickly create attractive high-quality, high-performance responsive web apps with; Angular, React, Vue or jQuery…

Ready to Get Started?

To get started, you can download Bootstrap just as you would WordPress, or any other software.

Now, from the perspective of a non-coder, you may find Bootstrap a little intimidating, however, based on the many comments found over the net, mention of its ease-of-use seems to be a generally shared sentiment.

What Is Bootstrap and Where Does WordPress Fit In – Conclusion.

Think of Bootstrap as the application framework typically behind building a front-end user interface, ( e.g. the dashboard or ‘interface’ the user sees from the client end).

So, if you want to build a responsive WordPress theme, Bootstrap is the way to go.

If however, you just want to get started with building a ‘managed-hosted‘ WordPress website. Part of woppd.com’s core philosophy is about empowering YOU and your craft. So for those perhaps only dabbling with the idea of playing with Bootstrap or developing from ‘scratch’ , but really just wants to start a WordPress site for blogging or selling products – without any of the technical babble involved with setting up and managing files, see below:

wp managed hosting