How Theme Developers Are Taking Advantage Of The WordPress Dashboard

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Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than buying a premium WordPress theme or plugin only to find that after a year it is no longer supported. Or you install a plugin that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

With Freemius, theme and plugin developers can not only communicate with users and check how well their products are performing, but also sell their products right from the WordPress dashboard… 

theme developerWhat is Freemius?

Founded in 2015 by Vova Feldman, ‘Freemius’ provides a number of different tools that plugin and theme developers may come to find an indispensable platform.

Developers can learn who their users are, and how they use their products.

Working from within the WordPress dashboard, ‘Freemius’ collects data intended for maintaining and improving products and communicating with users. ‘Freemius’ also allows theme and plugin developers to better monetize their product’s – which they rightly deserve.

With Analytics and Insights…

The data received will help developers understand what users find useful and whether products meet their expectations. This data will also help with making enhancements and adding new features that users actually need. Which is great for established businesses and the higher-end WordPress user.

However, I do wonder just how existing and long-term users will respond to what may be considered an intrusion, although I see this mostly affecting perhaps the ‘work from home’ type user on a smaller budget. And of course, users will always have the option as to whether they wish to submit their data.

The Freemium Model and SaaS

Currently, the way things typically work with especially self-hosted WordPress users (and please correct me if I am wrong); is that most users tend to install a free plugin or theme with the intention of only upgrading if a specific plugin or theme becomes an invaluable part of their setup. Or when they start generating income. It’s this type of situation that may see WordPress suites (can I call it that?) such as JetPack gain even more popularity.




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