What Are The Common Screen Dimensions

Web Screen Dimensions – Height vs Width

Depending on your design intentions and how you want your visitors to interact with you website may also determine your choice in screen dimensions.

Screen dimensions for optimized viewing on desktop and portable devices.




The following illustrate the common web page orientation and formats. Whilst there is no real standard, the following are trends found amongst professional web designers.

Designing a website to suit every possible situation such as browser used, mobile device or desktop computer is a very tall order. However, there are decent compromises which allows a smooth transition from one device to another as well as viewing from different browsers.


Above are examples of common web page formats including:

• Full Width (with or without scrolling)

• Landscape (no scrolling)

•  and Portrait (with scrolling)

The most common sizes used by Pro web designers of late are:

1366 x 768

1920 x 1080

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

  768 x1024

Typical Page Sizes for Freeway Pro 5.5

1200 x 960 (large screen)

  960 x 720 (medium screen)

  750 x 500 (small screen)

  560 x 720 (email)

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