Print and Sell Your Artwork – The Printful Way!

The Printful Approach to Print on Demand with a Shopify Store.


What are the many good reasons why Shopify makes a great choice for starting your first ecommerce store…

First of all, Shopify has a relatively easy to use interface. A dashboard that greets you with the type of information and options anyone running an online store will find applicable.


Okay, so I haven yet made any sales… But here’s the thing, you can start promoting and selling your works of art or other items using Shopify, free of charge.

This advantage allows you to decide from the outset, whether to go straight for a big launch, or gradually build your site at your own pace. If you already have an established fan base, then that’s great – you’re almost there.

On a trial spin, you are allowed to receive up to 10 orders before having to make any payments to Shopify. Remember, you don’t have to think about handling any tedious and sometimes daunting control panel tasks as with self-hosted websites.

The Shopify pricing plan ranges from between as low as $9, to $299 per month with a Lite version, followed by the basic and then the premium and advanced plans.

So now you know, you can really give it a go at making sure everything operates as intended, before making the wrong financial commitment, plus you’ll learn from the engagement you receive initially from real buying customers.

Another reassuring thing I like about the Shopify interface, is the consideration for SEO, which you can easily edit from the products tab.


The On-demand, online printing, fulfillment and shipping bit!

Adding products is a cinch, even when synchronised with a print-on-demand setup located at the Printful studios. Look, the process in essence, is this simple;


1.Add your product…


2.Connect the Printful App…


Now remember, I did say in essence; of course there are things you will need to do beforehand and during the process. For example you will need a Printful account in order to synchronise your works. For which there are specifications you will need to follow to optimise your artworks for reproduction.

The Printful on demand system can also be used with woo commerce, allowing WordPress users to also enjoy having their work printed as and when a customer makes an order.