Optimize Press, Not Just SEO.


If I asked you which landing page builder to use -Which are the first 3 that comes to your Mind?

Maybe…ThriveArchitect, InstaPage or even OptimizePress…?
Well, these are the first 3 decent examples that come to mind, presently…

Of course I know there are many more, so please share your favourite visual editor in the comments below…

Although it has been around for as a while, for some reason it has always evaded my thinking that OptimizePress was anything more than simply software geared towards SEO.

Meanwhile, over the years, OptimisePress has revolutionized the way some website owners and entrepreneurs sell their products online. Which is why it’s worthy of a mention. This WordPress Theme has steadily become a household name amongst ‘pockets’ of the internet marketing community and is here for the long haul.

And it isn’t because of its SEO features!

And that’s the very point I have been suppressing, the fact that OptimizePress is simply NOT just an SEO agent, but is also a full-on marketing site builder; it’s a powerful, supercharged, WordPress Theme (and I am tempted to call it a ‘plugin’) that allows you to create your own great landing; squeeze, blog and sales letter, pages and even membership site.

If you can’t write code, no worries.

With OptimizePress accomplish those task where an expert would typically be required. Create and edit videos and perform all those other technical tasks without any need for coding. And no wonder, James Dyson has been working hard on OptimizePress. For well over two years now, he is ready to share his awesome software with those of you who are also ready for a simple one-stop marketing page builder system.

Not All Landing Pages Are The Same

Well, following the relative success of OptimizePress 1.0, version 2.0 is a complete rebuild, yes – from scratch, and therefore not simply an upgrade.

As a WordPress Theme and Plugin, OptimizePress 2.0 allows you to practically produce mostly anything you will ever need concerning the creation of your online content, including; membership portals, complete launch funnels and other sales related pages or blog sites.

Sales Funnels

So, imagine you’re  launching a new product…

As OptimisePress 2.0 is built on a brand new platform, existing users of version 1 may purchase version 2 for a special limited time discount – just before the official public launch.