Online Store with Shopify

Getting started with a Shopify Online Store.

So you are looking for an online store solution that you can have up and running today; receive online payments, select from a range of themes and visually make your site yours.

The following is intended to give you an idea of the process involved with preparing your products for showcasing online. Now add your content; product details such as Title, Description, Tags, Pricing and other details.


Step 1 From the Shopify dashboard select ‘Products’ then click the ‘Add a product’ button top right of the dashboard.

Step 2 Add product details including; Title, Description, Tags, Pricing and other details.


Step 3 Now, if your product is a digital file, you will need to upload it to your online store by selecting the ‘Files’ tab, then the upload button. Once your file is uploaded you will be presented with a URL for supplying and adding to your autoresponder and other correspondence from where your customers may download their purchases.


There are far more features and things you can achieve using Shopify – but that is for you to discover…




Starting June 30th, Shopify will no longer maintain the WordPress Plugin. You can continue to use the WordPress plugin, but Shopify will no longer be updating the plugin or providing support.

We encourage you to login to Shopify to manage your products, orders, and customers. To add products to your WordPress site in the future, you can use the Shopify Buy Button. With the Buy Button, you can customize font, colour and layout to compliment your brand.

If you have questions please contact Shopify’s support team.

SHOPIFY & WORDPRESS DEVELOPER UPDATE: Add Shopify Buy Buttons to your WordPress websites using the Shopify WordPress eCommerce Plugin insert Buy Buttons and embed full products into any post, page, or sidebar