1 Magazine & News WordPress Theme That Won’t Make You Giddy Setting Up.

the early stages building this website from scratch.
The early stages building this website from scratch (tip: used CV plugin – for thumbs and description grid for additional variation)


NewsToday Magazine WordPress Theme Easy Setup.

Glancing at the typical News / Magazine website always gives the impression of a ‘structured busyness’ – especially if done well.

However, this might seem scary to the novice developer… does it?

There are lots of Magazine / News type WordPress themes available. However, not all of them are quite as easy to use as their vendors or developers might believe. The trouble here is often 2-fold;

1. The theme’s designer fails to separate him or herself from the product and see through the eyes of the end user. When you are familiar with how a design has been constructed, it is natural for you to be able to make decisions which may not be intuitive to others, especially as you already know where ‘things’ are and what they do.


2. The design is just simply too complicated or badly written.

news theme layput examples

Theme Options and 1-Click Demo Importer.

Now, what I applaud with the NewsTheme offering provided by MyThemeShop is that they actually make the process of installing a theme ‘as per the demo’ very easy and optional… You can choose between three types of installation from the Import / Export Options, including;


a) Import theme Options

b) Import The Options & Widgets

c) Import Theme Options, Widget & Content

The Import / Export Options are pretty self-explanatory with option c) indicated above as being the option for duplicating the demo in its entirety. The idea is that you simply replace all the demo imported content with your own.

Tinker With Your Ticker

If you’ve ever played around with website ticker widgets in WordPress you may have had a hard time getting it to work. Or maybe it was just me. Anyway, the NewsToday WordPress theme comes complete with a ticker that actually works “right off the bat.”

To activate simply visit the Header tab under Theme Options and scroll to the Breaking News Ticker settings.


It is from the Theme Options tab that you will garner most control of the look and feel of the NewsToday theme including the typography. Under the ‘Typography’ tab you can select different fonts for; for the navigation, the content, hero title, slider and more.

What I like about this is that you can easily change the specs for your H1 to H6 tag headers. You can even change the color and assign additional CSS, such as; text-decoration: underline;.

typography options newstoday

Ads Management

Assuming you’re not looking to bombard your website pages with banner Ads.

Another handy feature behind the Theme Options is the ‘Ad Management’ tab. Where you can conveniently add two banner codes and control the number of days you want them to show.

And it’s flexible enough to use for an e-commerce store.

newstoday as shop

Take A Closer Look For Yourself!

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