Are You Ready For A Website Traffic Jam?


If You Had Website Traffic, What Would You Do With It?

In spite how often you will hear that starting an online venture is far easier than a physical brick and motar business. I personally reckon the many hurdles concerned are often forgotten or overlooked by those of us making such claims…

Now, whilst starting a business website may well be easy, maintaining and enhancing the visibility of your online business is another story. You see, due to the technical aspects associated with getting your site seen by visitors, many would-be success stories fall short.

There are certain rules you will need to comply with, and if you don’t know they exist, then you won’t know where you are going wrong. But that is not all, you need traffic! And not just any old traffic…

Of course, not every online business website is dependent on receiving traffic in order to generate sales or any other conversion. There are some that are simply tailored for behaving as a business brochure, calling card, or a place where a very specific audience or group can engage and find data relevant to their needs.

Nevertheless, the majority of us build a website in order to generate some form of conversion. And the best traffic is traffic that converts. Whether it be in the form of a sale, subscription or just a click.

What to consider before you press publish.

Now, let’s just imagine you have a new ecommerce website showcasing your artworks. How will you go about letting people know that your website exists. And furthermore, is your website ready and equipped for receiving and processing visitors?

Well, you could start-off by telling your friends and family, and hope that the word spreads exponentially. But really! the chances of generating sufficient and sustainable traffic this way is likely not to last very long. Social media may be your next option and the more people you have in your network the better. This is where you’ll also need to mentally visualise the navigation and the intended journey or experience you wish for your visitors.

Furthermore, are your social media accounts set up in such a way that provides a smooth and efficient journey to your offers, and have you considered integration between your social media accounts, your website, and maybe an email marketing system or other third-party service?

You see! there is a lot more involved in generating website traffic – And then, it’s what you do with it.

Are you ready to receive website visitors?

Preparing your website to receive visitors may involve a number of marketing related techniques, including; a means of building a mailing list so that you always have access to an interested audience. You may also decide to make your products available for purchase with services like Amazon, Redbubble, Sellfy or even eBay. I think of these type of services as website from where you may receive  ‘passing trade’, in other words visitors that may not specifically be looking for your products, however may stumble on them whilst looking up something else.

So just to summarise, here is a list of some of the things you should consider:

a) Does your website provide a means of collecting interested subscribers?

b) Do you have a responsive social media following?

c) Can your website accept online payments?

Okay, so your next move is to advertise, but before you do that you might want to test your website first. This is just to make sure everything is in place. You can experiment with the placement of hyperlinks, buttons, menu tabs and so on.

Now, an interesting and very affordable online service I have found for doing this is one used by marketers called Rebrandable Traffic where you can monitor which of your links, starting from a specific page, people click on.

After your testing phase you can consider advertising with the popular Google Adwords or Bing. If you need an alternative service why not take a look at; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or maybe one from the following list:





You will probably discover that each of the different advertising services work best depending of the product and type of audience you are targeting. Whilst on you exploration, if you discover anything new why not share in the comments below. And watch this space for more on alternative advertising services and buying website traffic! 


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Website Traffic Jam


Website Traffic Jam