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Whilst still in beta phase I recently had the privilege of trying out this simple but incredibly powerful application for building modern websites quickly and easily.

UPDATE: 16/01/2016

After playing with the Mobirise drag and drop website builder for a considerable time, in my opinion, the app is best suited for someone with some degree of design acumen or at least the patience to source quality imagery and graphics.

The reason why I say this is because even though Mobirise is so easy to use, it may cause users to quickly botch web pages together without the careful consideration for appearance.

Mobirise Your Content With Drag and Drop.

Even with the minor glitches encountered whilst using the very early versions of Mobirise, you cannot help but brush those ‘teething’ problems aside and instead focus on what Mobirise does well . 

Remember it hadn’t been fully released as yet. At least at the time of when I first started writing this piece…


So, What is Mobirise and How Can it Help You?

Mobirise is an OS X, Android and Windows application built on the Bootstrap 3 front end framework. You can see examples here.  Anyway, I can’t recall exactly how I came across Mobirise but I believe it was whilst building a listly list of internet business tools (see the end of this post).

Mobirise immediately grabbed my attention because of its real ‘completeness’ as website building solution.  And what immediately seemed like the potential of being the answer to bypassing the learning curve you’d typically expect to face building a website any other way. And especially to the professional looking standards, you desire. In spite of anything having a great looking design is always one of those all important aspects concerned with signaling that you’re ready for business.

So whilst Mobirise answers one problem, making you look good. That does not depart from the saying; what you get out, is what you put in.

In other words and specifically in the case of using Mobirise, to really experience its benefits, it is best enjoyed when you use images in their appropriate formats, dimensions and of good quality. Otherwise, you simply defeat the point of having the simplicity of having Mobirise at your fingertips.

You now have more time to concentrate on the quality of your graphics and images, and how they help communicate your message – In the wrong hands Mobirise can be disastrous from a design and communicative perspective.

Using the Parallax Feature in Mobirise.

One feature mentioned in a previous post; WordPress  Trends…  Website parallax scrolling was described in that post as;

… an attractive and seamlessly fluid method of presenting a single page of images or information. By moving different layers of images at varying speeds. Parallax Scrolling creates an illusion of depth…

Wow! that sounds complicated, well with Mobirise it’s not. In fact it’s very simple and just a matter of importing your images and turning the parallax feature on. Voila!

Google Analytics Extension and HTML Code Embed Coming Soon.

Just as I write this very blog post, I thought I’d just check that I had installed the very latest version (2.4.1), and sure enough, I did. And was pleasantly surprised to find that the suggestions I am sure everyone else using Mobirise at this time would have seen the need for, is already in the pipeline of new features to be added under the new Extensions tab.

Mobirise Your Content With Drag and Drop.

What are Extensions in Mobirise?

Think of an Extension in the same way you might think of a WordPress plugin or an add-on for any other software that allows you to extend the functionality of your website by adding a simple piece of software Imagine how easily you’d be able to connect your current Customer Relationship Management solution to your Mobirise subscription forms.

Where to get Mobilise Drag and Drop?

Mobirise v2 is free for both personal and commercial use and whilst you can currently download it here for free (don’t take my word for it, the offer may be gone soon), I suspect that the added features that will become available under the Extensions tab may well be a way of monetising Mobirise as service in the future – makes sense. But let’s hope they don’t get too greedy – competition is easy to come by.

Still here?

What are you waiting for, go check it out now and come back to leave a comment on your thoughts
– oh, you can thank me later too.


Stay tuned for more

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