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How to Make Your Images Speak for Themselves.



Minimalist WordPress themes for photographers, videographers, designers, artists, creative entrepreneurs…

Allow me to ask; Is it important for your images to be clearly visible and display detail in all its glory?

Do you agree that an image speaks a thousand words? 

Are you irritated by badly cropped or positioned images on a page?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is very likely that you are someone that takes pride in the appearance of your work. You probably know already what it takes to create beautiful designs and images and you are not about to just throw your work on a page and call it a website. If this is indeed you please read on.

Introducing Graph Paper Press, Creators of Evergreen Minimalist WordPress Themes

If you are looking for real professional looking themes of the minimalist nature, well Graph Paper Press provides some of the most elegant themes tailored for displaying artworks on the internet, that I’ve seen. In fact I kicked myself the other day for forgetting all about Graph Paper Press whilst deciding on a theme for a client.

You see, with Graph Paper Press themes, you can confidently and easily build a website, blog and portfolio using any of the many available Graph Paper Press themes. And you probably wouldn’t have to make any major changes to the code in order to get exactly what you want.

Graph Paper Press themes are all designed with consideration for displaying beautiful imagery. Just simply ideal for photographers, illustrators, fashion designers and other artist. Choose from a selection of clean themes for; blogs, business, ecommerce, news magazines, photography and portfolios. Plus by the time you’ve read this post, Graph Paper Press themes should have already released a new plugin for creating your very own stock image library.

Themes for when your images needs to do the talking….

Now, there is a lot more to this Brooklyn based business. For starters, did I forget to mention this clever team of web designers and developers offer access to a wide variety of free and premium WordPress themes, which they have specifically designed with YOU in mind. After all, as creatives themselves, they should know the irks of an artist. And that’s why you can effortlessly customise any theme of your choice and make it yours; add your logo or header, change fonts and colours and create beautiful slide shows to showcase your work.

These themes are built ready to sell your work…

To start selling your photography or artwork online, simply Register an account with Graph Paper Press to get immediate access to the available downloads plus the all important free plugin called Sell Media that allows you to sell photos, prints and other media as well as tracking sales, calculating commissions, protecting your work and connecting with your customers all through your WordPress site.


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