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The task of selecting which Website Builder ‘Add-on’ to use for your website can present a difficult range of options to choose from.

They all provide intuitive methods for building great looking responsive websites without having to understand code.

But still, which one is right for you, when speed is of the essence?

Create beautiful WordPress websites faster using Layers 2.

So let’s break things down a bit, as I suspect that the most avid WordPress users amongst us will be aware of website builders such as Divi, by Elegant Themes, Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes and today’s featured product, LAYERS by Obox.

LAYERS is a WordPress website builder or rather, a theme framework, that extends the core functionality of the WordPress platform.

The common characteristics of ‘website builders’ such as the LAYERS framework, is that they provide you with their own tailored suite of Add-ons. Sort of like, access to a whole world of extended possibilities, separate to the standard WordPress setup. But this isn’t anything new to most webs developers – right? maybe I’m wrong (No – I’m fishing for feedback lol).

Installing LAYERS involves the same process as any other WordPress theme, the difference is; LAYERS, like most website builders, provide an array of templates and extra features, which you can activate – as and when you are ready.

Using the LAYERS in the ‘bones’, that is, without having purchased and installed a LAYERS theme – you can get some mileage out of the framework at its ‘basic’ (I’m guessing that it’s working off from the currently installed theme).

WP Dashboard Layers Add Ons

Once installed you can select and add new LAYERS Theme designs made to help make the task of creating professional and beautiful looking websites fast. As the name suggests website pages are built by layering content widgets together, whilst also allowing for a live front-end view of your webs pages as you work on them. This may sound complicated, but really it’s pretty easy from the inside.

All in all, LAYERS can be described as a responsive point-and-click site builder for WordPress that is easy and friendly to use.

It also works with Woocommerce and thinks SEO, due to its intelligent HTML structure…

You can get started straight away!

Thinking of trying LAYERS on an existing WordPress website?

Generally, it’s been a great experience exploring and in most cases, installing LAYERS does not cause major problems with moving from your existing WordPress theme. Although, as I personally experienced, you may find some irritation with getting your menu to read in the way that you want. Plus, you may have to perform some minor ‘jiggery pokery’ to get things looking just how you want.

From this experience, I would advise that if you are adding the LAYERS framework to an established website with lots of content – then tread very cautiously and make sure you have a backup of your site. On the other hand – if you are starting a website from scratch then LAYERS is a painless solution by comparison to other methods of building a website.

You Can Download LAYERS For Free.

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