The New Standard In Marketing Landing Pages for Agencies and Teams

landingWhen time is abstract – does Instapage really build those marketing landing pages fast?

Instapage is such an excellently simple solution for building professional landing pages – for anyone that can move a mouse…

I can’t quite remember whether I’ve mentioned Instapage here before, if I haven’t I don’t know why not. But since I’ve been reminded through some of the other attempts I am coming across at providing a one-stop solution to building marketing landing pages. I just had to make sure to mention Instapage at least once, just to make sure I have told at least someone!

Anyway, after recently being reminded of just how quickly you can build functional landing pages that have that professional look and feel about them. You know, the type you often have to pay for. I felt this particular landing page solution is well worth a mention. So, here goes…

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The problem with presenting your offers professionally.


Now, whilst not every individual will have the time, know-how or budget for hiring a designer to build fresh new landing pages every time they launch a new online promotional campaign… And I know there are plenty of excellent solutions for building web pages.

Often, you’ll find evidence of a struggle, where a landing page has been half-heartedly cobbled together. Come on! Now you know that just won’t do! If you need help with landing pages you should (if it still takes place) check out the free Instapage Wednesday Webinar.

Now, imagine you had access to a secret dashboard which allowed you to not only build landing pages in record time, but you could also present yourself looking the professional you actually intend.

Wait!…, hold on, that’s not all…

You can also track visitor behavior, measure conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page from your A/B split testing results.

Well, you wouldn’t be out-of-place to have considered these features a standard for todays similar offerings. But there is more that you’ll want in order to complete the jigsaw. You’ll want take your website visitors on a journey from; landing page to checkout, whilst building your mailing list all at the same time. Well, Instapage can do that for you.

What’s about Integration and eMail Marketing?

If you’re thinking about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), then Instapage has you covered. With over twenty marketing tool integration options covering; email marketing, social, and optimization tools. From inside the dashboard you’ll have access to a number of customisable templates to suit most needs. Plus there’s that healthy number of integration options available;

See how this list suites you: Google Analytics, GoToWebinar, Mailchimp, AWeber, Autopilot, Constant Contact, Get Response, Mad Mimi, Salesforce, webhooks, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, e-goi, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, LimeLight, Zoho, WordPress, Drupal, Bigstock, Facebook, CampaignMonitor…,

Whilst you’re at it, be sure to also look out for the following pdf guides: Best Landing Page Examples, What is a Squeeze Page?, What is a Sales Page? and other goodies available for download.

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So I tried it myself:


In my opinion a very simple to use, and complete solution for online marketing using landing pages – all without the need for self-hosting…editurl

You can jump straight in and start using this app. even if for the first time. If you have a pensive approach to marketing you’ll appreciate what this will help you with.

Along with the well designed and varied choice of templates, Instapage is well suited for almost anyone wanting to build their own professional looking landing pages, with the intention for both generating sales or collecting opt-ins.

After choosing from the 100s of professionally designed templates, I was able to find one suitable to customise and make my own!


Try it out yourself free – a complete marketing landing page system with integrated simplicity for converting visitors, and customising a seamless journey.