Are You Amongst the Many Emerging Individuals Doing ‘IT’ for Themselves?

The Diverse World Of The Contemporary Freelancer.


Are you self-employed as a freelancer?
Do you undertake your own projects, create your own products or content?
Are you one of those kids on fiverr?

Hold on, do you even consider yourself as a freelancer?

If you’re in a ‘field of work’ that involves writing or working on projects for others, or even yourself for that matter. And you find the Internet to be an essential ingredient in how you do business or generate an income.

Who Are You?

Maybe you describe yourself as a start-up business, an entrepreneur, a producer of content; blogger, author, designer or maybe a temporary work from home parent…
Whoever you are, you use the Internet for conducting business.

Now, I only ask this question because I was wondering whether, if like me, you have found that using the Internet is a ‘wickedly’ convenient means of quickly setting up and running an online business and presenting offers to an audience. You can do this from almost anywhere in a world that provides access to the internet. So, being away from home, or the office DOES NOT pose a problem when traveling or operating from a remote location.

For me, the question seeks to identify exactly who these individuals are, though often described using terms such as; solo-preneurs, freelancer, independent business owner, or some other ’preneur.

Where do they come from?

Also, what are the conditions or environment in which these individuals operate, for example; a home office, caravan, remote island and so on? And yes it’s true there are nomadic type entrepreneurs that work from caravans….(hands up if you are one).

Solopreneur, what makes what they do any different from how things were done before the Internet?

Absolutely nothing, it’s just that there are more people making the leap into the ‘self-employment world’ and doing something for themselves. This is because of the convenience and accessibility the Internet provides.

Now, in spite of the many other individuals who are in a similar situation to yourself. YOU personally feel that YOU also belong to a relatively ‘unusual’ and smaller group of individuals.

Individuals that find the internet to be an excellently convenient platform for YOU to more readily flourish with your ideas and business ventures. Maybe I’m just confusing the whole idea about what freelancing is, but note; I do emphasize contemporary freelancer”, so please read on to get a better idea of what I mean.

Now, amidst the world of the freelancer, there are those that freelance with a tendency for keeping abreast with technology and new ways of being super productive.

Typically these individuals find themselves establishing some online authority in their chosen field or niche, or may even find themselves wandering onto new pastures.

The Self-Published…

For every new ebook published, how much more increasingly are self-published?

Or, let me digress just a little, by saying for every new blog that gets ‘tweeted’ – how many of these types of posts are then shared by standalone individuals working under their own impetus? or is this just an illusion?

Plus, what else are these individuals up to?

Well, individuals are initiating the direction of their own career paths or their workflow method, type of work and whatever else, is very possible today, as you know. Does this sum up the contemporary freelancer?

One distinct benefit for business in general is the savings that a company can make by employing a freelancer with specific or specialised skills. Rather than employing a full-time staff member and paying a yearly salary may not always be cost effective. This is where the freelancer can step-in, as and when is needed for a given period of time or arrangement.

Web Hosting

So, being a freelancer has great benefits – demand for expertise and freedom to roam…

As an independent business owner (can I say that ?) the contemporary freelancer’s reasons for working ‘independently’ is often not, as it is for the conventional freelancer.

Nor is it the reason behind why both big and small businesses benefit from having freelance expertise on standby.

You see, the contemporary freelancer comes in a number of guises besides the core service and expertise that she or he may offer. But also, the contemporary freelancer is probably NOT just waiting for the next job offer – and especially if it’s a permanent position.

– Hey, that’s not saying that some kind of negotiating cannot take place.

… Anyway!

Enter the world of entrepreneurship…

In fact, the contemporary freelancer may no longer even promote him or herself as a freelancer and marginally switches the freelance button on and off. The contemporary freelancer has personal projects to work on, having a go at being his or her own client.

Does this sound like you? Is this something you have already observed about yourself too?  Well, actually when you think about it, this lifestyle is nothing new.

It’s just that the playing field is somewhat less restricted and so wickedly convenient – empowering the individual with relatively little fuss, at least far less than in the physical world (or rather, ‘brick and mortar world’ ).

As an independent business person using the internet, you have the freedom to allocate time for exploring new ways of achieving your clients online business objectives, or more than likely, your own.

Given, there will be a few anomalies, the contemporary freelancer is likely to indulge in social media and with internet access and can probably work from almost anywhere on the planet. Not many people understand exactly what the contemporary freelancer does for a living, especially when NOT working directly with physical products or services.

The chances are, you have realized the potential of what the Internet has to offer, and find yourself either simply adopting the use of digital technology where needed, or diversifying your offer to both satisfy the spectrum which your offer can encompass, as well as, meet the needs of your audience. In simple terms, you optimize the potential audience you can reach and engage with.

And no wonder, playing around on Twitter – does kinda help towards paying the bills after all…

Is this the new freelancer? Okay, okay, so I have been bantering with the term contemporary freelancer when actually I should be really saying entrepreneur – maybe?

So anyway, on that note, seeing that you probably already have; a few social media accounts, your own website or blog, a product or service you promote online, seeing that you’re still reading. For the purpose of this introspection or musing; Are you – a contemporary Freelancer?

Now, whilst exploring…I found an interesting set of infographics I’d like to share, you can find it at mbo Partners (2014) about the state of independence in the US. It favorably highlights some interesting findings relevant to the… Oh, that’s it –  The Solopreneur!

Now, speaking of Solopreneur, I also found some good examples that articulate, or give insights as to the type of person that may be described as a Solopreneur. Here’s a post from 2013, where a writer, as an individual is doing it for herself.

The second is all about the challenges that Solopreneurs facea nicely compiled piece by Carol ‘Business Tough Love’ Roth with first-hand comments from a network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and experts.

I hope you found this at the least enjoyable and would really appreciate if you left your thoughts about working as a freelancer or independent business owner today and the overlap with entrepreneurship. 

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There’s a new herd on the horizon waiting to bust loose…

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