Responsive, Mobile-Portable Content.


How Responsive, Mobile-Portable Content Helps.

Where it comes to delivering content on the internet. Reaching as wide an audience as possible requires more than simply creating a website; generating traffic and then receiving visitors…

You will also need to greet your visitors and show them around, or at least provide them with the means of working their own way around your site.

Once your visitors have arrived, they will expect to be able to consume your content without any need of configuring or fiddling (at least not anything overly complicated) with whatever device it is they are using. Not only that, you will also need to make sure you cater for how payments are made and received; how you will deliver items purchased, and all the other related things you must have in place.

Useful to Know

So your website will need to be easily viewable by a number of different devices, running on different operating platforms, namely IOS and Android. There are so many variables to watch for, if you stopped and thought about it, you wouldn’t get anything done. 

Another problem with getting things done correctly are the costs. Hiring designers and programmers might be a little beyond the level of involvement you feel comfortable with. However, you’d like to be sure that your investment will be worthwhile. Therefore it would be nice to at least try out any software solutions that may fix your problem yourself, before making any big time financial commitment.

Which is why solutions such as Zapable are so useful to know about. Without any big time financial commitment, you can quickly and simply cut-out the overall concerns you may have. Especially on something you may have not accounted for. 

You know about creating content, now create your own apps.

Now, you may have given it some thought already, and have decided that the learning curve would be way too steep for you to even think about delving into the world of creating your own apps

However, today for a few of us this is far from the truth, especially as a few of us have discovered that there are App building programs available… that require no technical experience whatsoever.

Diversify, Start An App Business.

So now you can rid of that ‘barrier’ in your mind, and confidently venture towards providing an App Building service for your clients….as well.

In fact, what I am about to tell you isn’t anything new, let me say this; wherever you may have been well impressed with Apps that you have downloaded and used yourself, with the belief that creating something similar was beyond your immediate reach…or, at least without disturbingly biting into your budget.

Well actually, and no exaggeration you can build an App within 60 minutes. I won’t go into the details as to how much you may charge for providing such a service, I believe that is something you should explore and decide for yourself… If of course you decide to got that route.

However, here are just some of the things you will be able to do with the new premium App building software Zapable.

1. Monetize Facebook

With stats dating back as far as 2012 showing over 42 million Facebook Fan Pages being accessible, it goes without saying that a lucrative market is awaiting, bearing in mind that even more recent stats show over 60% of that traffic is from users of mobile devices.

With Zapable you can tap into that Facebook market by:

• Adding, to your App, any Fan Page you want with a simple click.

• Viewing Facebook Feeds all without the need to leave your app to engage.

• Providing and live updates automatically, with no need for the end user to re install.

2. Provide seamless user experience for local businesses with portable content.

Personally I don’t know where the perception of having an App for your business was a  “Fortune 500 Companies – Thang!”  but with over 27.2 Million small businesses in the USA alone, you would be hard pushed in wondering why so many have been holding back.

Anyway, one of the impressive features I find with Zapable is the capability it provides of allowing customers to take orders online or book reservations straight from their phones. As well as the common ‘push button’ notification feature that sends messages to clients or customers informing them of current events etc.

3. Monetizing Video 

Now, imagine an App with all your videos pre-loaded ready to deliver, lets say, an online training course. Everything configured for perfect viewing and navigation. Then on top of that you have an AdMob account (this is like Adsense for mobile).

Zapable in a nutshell.capable app

Originally posted on: April 1, 2015


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