Flywheel Spins A Bright New Look – Your New Designer’s Web Hosting Services

Just in case you didn’t know, Flywheel is a WordPress hosting and management platform tailored especially for designers and agencies… but there is a little more to Flywheel than just ‘hosting management’.


Flywheel Superhero Services

As any super hero like yourself knows, creating a ‘super hero identity’ is of paramount importance…

After all, you’ll want your potential rescuees and others concerned to easily identify that you are here to help – you are the good guy!


It would seem apparent that just as their clients may enjoy and advocate good design practices – so does Flywheel. Now, that makes me think…

“If that’s the case, then surely the guys at Flywheel must have a better and knowledgeable and understanding of the needs for those working within the web design and development industry, at least more than most other hosting companies…”

Isn’t this the type of hosting company you want to be with?

On the inside, the services offered by Flywheel may be marginally expressed with the following sentences;

Getting your website to run as smoothly as possible, no matter which angle or host you’re coming from.  


We know the significance of SSL, so we’ll make it very simple for you to have it!

This is the Flywheel attitude, at least so it seems for now. And the approach is all executed in that playful but professional manner so indicative of the creative industry – kinda reminds me of MailChimp.

new flywheel

Meet The New Flywheel Hosting & Management.

After 4 years since its launch in 2012, Flywheel rollouts a new visual identity equipped to readily handle future enhancements and allow flexibility to evolve in a cohesive manner.

“We wanted to focus on building something beautiful that resonates with other designers and is fun to interact with, while still maintaining that key balance of both form and function,” said design lead Andrea Trew.

The new identity will fall in line with the major changes made to the company’s user interface. Which has gone through a rigorous cleanup and re-design. I think you’ll fall in love with it too.


You see, unlike most other hosting companies that rely on the cPanel styled interface, Flywheel provides its own beautifully designed, unique dashboard. And with the new more intuitive updates, this means a sleeker, faster and more consistent user experience.


“Flywheel strives to be a leader in not only the hosting world but the design community as well, and this brand refresh is one step closer to accomplishing that goal,” said CEO and founder Dusty Davidson.

“Watching this unfold has been spectacular.”


After 4 years and over 50,000 clients later, Flywheel continues to provide expert support, powerful tools, and rock-solid managed-hosting. Click the Flywheel button below to learn more about Flywheel hosting and management, plus you can experience their new look and feel.

flywheel host management

Migrate your existing WordPress sites to Flywheel – for free


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