Elegant Themes and Divi – Before You Start

what is your idea of elegance?

I’d like to tell you about a superb method of creating pages visually in WordPress. And guess what? If you are someone that hates switching from Text mode, to Visual mode and then to Preview Changes… (you know the drill), you’ll love what I have in store. Read on…

‘Elegance’ is at the core of the company behind some of the most beautifully designed WordPress themes found on the internet…

Starting as a ‘one-man band’ Elegant Themes has grown to become a team of WordPress aficionados from around the world. These themes are not just for the designer in you, but also the practical and organized you. Just take a look at the ever-popular Divi for example. I played around with it for a while recently and was highly impressed with what was achievable with intuitive ease – all within WordPress!

So, what else is it about Elegant Themes and Divi?

When you think about WordPress itself and the community support it has behind it. The same can be said of Elegant Themes’ Divi, plus you have great resources such as Divi-Den.

Whilst Divi is deservedly famous for its ease of use and direct visual editing in WordPress. There are a few things you need to be aware of. Especially, if you are in the habit of trying out new themes often, and concerned about losing the features and functionality added by Divi.

If you ever decide to try a ‘non-Divi’ theme, there are methods for moving the functionality over to your decided theme. Of course, not everything will be moveable, especially if your new theme does not accommodate the type of functions you wish to move – this is natural with any WordPress theme.

Handing Over to Clients and Managing…

Have no fear, these guys and the community seem to be one step ahead. With a simple solution for securing the integrity of your work when handing over to a client. There’s the Divi Role Editor, which allows you to edit role privileges such as; denying access to modules and other items that may disturb your client’s website in a negative way.

With the Divi Role Editor, you can fine tune privileges right down to who is allowed to change colors or even fonts. This is a superb feature for agencies and web designers who also offer ongoing management of their client’s website. Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance – Coco Chanel