Q: How Do I Edit My PDF Documents On My Mac or iPhone?

pdf pen

by Smile Software

A: With the new upgrades of PDF Pen Pro…of course!

What’s that? You don’t know about  PDF Pen Pro?

Well, let me tell you PDF Pen Pro has been around the block. And with the new upgrades since version 7. You can accomplish almost anything you’ll ever want to do to a PDF…

…so read on!

What’s this about PDFpenPro  (watch video)

Although, I have to admit I personally no longer have the same demand or level of need for the use PDF Pen to edit PDF documents these days, however, it has to be said using this piece of software always imparted a feeling of satisfaction. I know there are plenty of Mac users who would be thrilled with what’s possible for both business and personal use.

And now the software offers more features that play with the concept of making the un-editable, editable. Try it for your self, there’s a trial offer available for a limited time.

Edit PDF Documents with Ease

With PDF PenPro, you can now display an optical character recognition layer, and the software will show all of the text found in your document, what’s more, you can even make changes to your OCR layers.

PDF PenPro is also fully iCloud compatible, you can now share documents across all your other Mac devices including your iPad and iPhone – you can do this easier than ever before.

edit pdf

To try out PDF Pen why not surf along to the Smile Software website.

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