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conversion focused

Without a doubt these are going to be amongst the most beautiful and functional WordPress Themes you will come across for today. When a brand associates itself with words such as progress, prosper, grow and flourish – you just have to take notice.

As a Thrive Theme Member you will already know what I mean. However for those of you yet to explore the Thrive collection of WordPress wares, you really ought to take notice of these impeccable offerings.

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These are Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & pluginsbuilt from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients!

photographers focused wp Photography WP Themes+

The themes that like to say YES!

Okay so you may have read the Word-on-Press post on the famous Content Builder by Thrive Themes, regarding the state of WYSIWYG editing. Well, there are plenty more professional and reliable themes to add to your ‘knowledge base’. A glimpse of these will allure you with the confidence you need these days when acquiring WordPress themes, both for individual and business use.

So here we go;

performag cutting edge theme

1. Performag

The first theme is a True Magazine Theme for WordPress and I only emphasise the words True Magazine because of a recent email I received boasting of a Magazine Theme that simply does not compare to Thrive Theme’s Performag.

If your are looking for something that is image orientated, this is the one. You’ve seen those websites managed by the likes of companies providing news on multiple topics and how even the menu provides visual cues for the content within. Performag has it and more.

All in all, and unlike so called Magazine Themes the beauty of this theme is both the machinery inside and the looks outside.



lux color wordpress theme

2. Luxe

Now what is it about Luxe that makes it so special, is its sheer simplicity, clean and digestible layout. With only the bare essentials, this theme is both beautiful to look at as well as functional, allowing for a pleasant and distraction free experience.

Instantly select from a range of colors to fit your visual branding, plus readily integrate with your autoresponder services and display targeted opt-in forms, call to action and more…


responsive theme ignition

3. Ignition

Ignition is designed especially for building an advertising and marketing web site. Just take a look at the demo web site for an example of how it handles home pages and accommodates free trial signups and more .

Using the page templates and short codes, Ignition is powerful enough to help you convert your visitors into subscribers or paying customers. That’s the thing about the Thrive Themes philosophy, it’s not all just about the pretty face.

Ignition incorporates not just a well-designed web site, but also a wide range of super-duper widgets and more. In addition to this there is an eye catching “ribbon” feature that allows you to highlight certain posts and pages.



wp responsive theme

4. Minus

This is the theme that carries the phrase “when less is more….” with its strikingly minimal design. Using the themes customization options this highly adaptable theme will lend itself to almost any situation or any brand.

Minus embodies the full scope of characteristics we have all come to associate with Thrive Themes. From the nitty gritty posts and page options to the functional business related lead generation features and everything else you’ll need to get more subscribers, sell more products and look damn good whilst you are at it.


 focus blog responsive theme

5. FocusBlog

Like most of the Thrive Theme collection of themes this theme comes with the background features necessary for building your online business straight out of the box.

As a conversion-focused theme, you can easily create a corporate website, a marketing site with landing pages and sales pages, a site for a local business and much more. Oh, and you will also love the parallax scrolling capabilities to boost that enjoyable user experience factor.


responsive thrive themes

6. Squared

Designed for marketing and to the point attention-grabbing, without loosing sight of the business aspects of your website. Squared is ready to take on that single product focused approach to content marketing, whilst allowing you room for adding details on all the features , bells and whistles you care to showcase. 

Yes, you have landing pages, yes you have sales pages, yes you have video lead generation pages, yes you have pricing tables, yes you have countdown time, yes, yes yes!

wordpress responsive theme

7. Voice

I know why this one is called Voice. It allows you to position the author at the center of the communication, if you wish. 

By prominently displaying the author next to the content, this makes for an ideal WordPress Theme for personal branding. Voice is for single author and multi-author sites. And if this doesn’t suite your requirements, you can always remove the author-focus and just display a logo instead.

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Conversion Focussed WordPress Themes.

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There’s more good news.

So, that’s it for now, I hope ou enjoyed the line-up and found at least one of these powerful WordPress Themes useful for your internet business. In you wish to  access the entire Thrive Themes collection, plus all future themes and plugin releases check out the members signup page


Keep rocking, as they say at Thrive Themes.