Thrive Content Builder; The Nearest To True WordPress ‘WYSIWYG’?

A Drag and Drop Simple Visual Editor.

drag and drop simple

Thrive Content Builder by ThriveThemes.

UPDATE: 29 July 2017

Thrive Architect is launching on the 29th of August 2017 and will represent the completely overhauled  Thrive Content Builder. To learn more visit: ThriveThemes.

Introducing Thrive Content Builder – the first true answer to WYSIWYG for WordPress…

So what are you telling me… there is something that makes the whole process of building beautiful pages in WordPress both more controllable and even easier than before? 

In spite of the many descriptions for similar solutions, at least from what I could find, the Thrive Content Builder is most certainly the answer to WYSIWYG or Visual Editing for WordPress and is sure to be a tool that the typography purist and web designer will truly appreciate. (Although I must admit, Divi Theme is pretty competitive in this area of the WordPress market)

Creating websites that are faithful to your intended layout and design is something that a great many website owners and designers find frustration with CMS platforms. Now, with Thrive Content Builder you can work directly on the page visitors will see.

Whilst of course, you can continue using the native WordPress editor, you will however, find that the Thrive Content Builder plugin is especially useful for building sales pages and other pages that often require a degree of customization, such as 3 column price plans, special panels for separating text, bullets, and much more.

To get started with Thrive Content Builder

First select; Add new Page or Post, then simply click on the available ‘Edit Using Thrive Content Builder’ button, as shown below.

using content builder

You will then be presented with the Thrive Content Builder menu bar, from where you can commence building your page by simply dragging the necessary elements from the menu bar directly onto your ‘work space’ immediately below.

So, for example, you may typically decide to start with a heading, in which case you will need to drag the text editor onto the top area of your page or ‘work space’.

select content builder

This method of editing will allow you much more control for achieving unique layouts than the native WordPress editor. In fact, you can virtually create pages that would often require some degree of technical or coding knowledge, easily.

Now, that’s not saying that coding cannot still assist in helping you create the style, look and feel of the page you desire. However, as someone with no coding knowledge at all, you can achieve quite a lot.

For example, creating a 3 column page or adding special boxes for emphasizing a specific aspect of the product, service or topic you are promoting can be achieved with immense ease. Thrive Content Builder is so flexible, it will have you laughing to yourself.

1 column, 2 column, 3 column more. Create pages exactly how you want!

below is a simple example of the type of page layout you can easily create using Thrive Content Builder.

thrive page builder example

The above demonstrates the typical type of Sales page that you are likely to find when circulating the internet these days. Well, now you can easily achieve the same, similar or better results with Thrive Content Builder.

Basically, once you have installed the Thrive Content Builder plugin, you will open the capability to stamp your mark or visual brand easily, efficiently and without the frustrations and costs that most other solutions will present. And you do this all in WordPress or any of the popular Content Management System currently available.

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Content Builder; Thrive with First True WordPress WYSIWYG


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