Common Website Hosting Questions Asked About Bluehost | FAQ

It takes a single personal experience to quickly create a ‘bubble’ of thinking or perception amongst friends…

…and then spread like wild fire!

The Following is a List of Questions People Have Been Asking About Bluehost for WordPress…

After engaging with a pretty intense discussion amongst a group of website owners running WordPress. It dawned on me just how much an individual’s personal experience can create a ‘bubble’ of thinking and perception about a given subject.

Q: Is Bluehost Still Considered The Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

A: Simple answer, yes (in my humble opinion).Whilst competition is tough and there are many alternative and dedicated WordPress solutions today. Bluehost continues to be a highly competitive option, providing a comprehensive suite of software for anyone starting with WordPress for the first time.

Bluehost provides 1-click WordPress Install and allows you to select from a number of themes and plugins and other options whilst the install takes place in the background. This is suited best, however, if you already have an idea of what theme and type of website you intend on building. Themes and Plugins are supplied by individual developers and designers at MOJO.

Q: Do I need SiteLock?

A: No! (again, in my humble opinion).

Q: Do I need Domain Privacy?

A: This is an option that allows you to hide your personal details from the Whois directories.There are many Whois sites, they exist so that users can check on certain details and information about a website and its owner, registrar, registrant etc.

Select domain privacy to hide your personal details.

Q: Do I need Search Engine Jumpstart?

A: No! (again, in my humble opinion – also it is not very clear what this package consists of).

Although there may well be some validity in this offer. Ideally, you want to start off organically in order to determine how you naturally resonate with your audience and the general public.

It bewilders me how this jumpstart works, as in order to optimize for search engines you first need to have content to optimize. And as you are just starting out – you probably will not have any content. So, I would say NO, you do NOT need this.

Q: Do I need SSL ( secured socket layer )

A: Yes,

But not absolutely.

Q: How do I move my WordPress site to another hosting service?

A: Migrating your website from another hosting service to Bluehost, or any other hosting service involves not just moving your files, but also the database (see MySQL). You can do this with a simple WordPress plugin.Here is a list of three different plugins:

a) All-in-One WP Migrate

b) WP Engine Automated Migration

c) Duplicator

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself you can get Bluehost to do this for you. Most hosting companies provide this service for a small fee.

[ more questions, opinions coming… or ask a question yourself below:]

Q. Where do I find the WordPress php.ini file?

To find your php.ini file in cPanel, before clicking the Submit button, simply check the ‘show hidden files’ check box under the Preferences option.

your php.ini is here You will now be able to see the hidden files on your server. To locate the php.ini file, navigate to public_html and the file should be accessable from here.