Call-To-Action – The Sniply Method

Sniply Call to Action Sharing…

You’re probably wondering what do I mean by Sniply Call-to-Action Sharing… But no worries – that’s just me trying to be clever and lure you into reading more. As I try to express what can do for your social sharing and promoting your business offering.

You see, on the surface this very simple looking tool can pack quite an unsuspecting punch…

Okay, so for those of us only just being introduced to Sniply for the first time. is a tool used for attaching your own call-to-action ‘dialogue’ (if I can call it that) to any link you wish to share.

That is, you can show your campaigns on the pages of other people’s websites, sort of…

Now, this isn’t groundbreaking technology, you’ve probably come across this type of promoting many times before, however, it is the first time I have seen it readily available for use in this way.

So, for example you may decide to share a link to a page of the latest BBC News website on an auspicious event leading to – let’s say, the Soccer World Cup Finals in Brazil.

Now, basically what you can do is share that particular news and include a call-to-action of your own, where visitors are presented with a dialogue box that appears on the page of the link you have shared.  So, for example in this case you might have a call-to-action related to holidays in Brazil.

sniply-2015-11-10-13.49.04-525x350 copy

The Sniply Dashboard

Using Sniply is fairly self explanatory, like most similar software today. However there are a few initial steps and things you should know about before lunging in. For example you may want to use your own domain name this is possible through via the Integrations option. Sniply also allows you to work with other team members by granting them access to the different user accounts and set of brands you have set up.  

The first thing you’ll probably want to do is create a Snip, So here’s a quick 1,2,3…

A Quick Guide To Creating A Call To Action Snip.


1. From the top of the dashboards overview page enter the URL of a page you wish to share and click CREATE SNIP.



2. A new window will open. Now enter your call to action and other details.

3. Click the ‘SNIP’ button to generate your shareable Sniply link. That’s it!

  •  Wasn’t that simple.

So that’s Sniply in brief, go and explore the software for yourself. I am sure it will inspire new and exciting ways of getting eyeballs on your content.

Now Go Create Your Own ‘SNIP’