DIY Business Cards With Canva

Create Your Company’s Business Card Template.

The simple ‘business card’ has long been that essential ‘tool’ (if I may call it that) for helping forge those initial connections between individuals, which hopefully lead to worthwhile relationships…

It’s that thing you leave behind at meetings, conferences or after having just met someone showing interest in what your business has to offer – it’s sometimes that thing which contributes to a first impression

It’s that thing which makes the difference as to how you are perceived by potential clients.

How do you  want to be seen? As an unprepared ‘flaky headless chicken’ scurrying for a scrap of paper. Or an organised expert, ready to do business?

Read on for a quick and simple fix…

creat a design 800

Creating a Business Card Template Using Canva.

Creating a business card using canva is as easy as pie, if of course your requirements are not overly complicated. And for a business card why would it be. After all a business card is only meant to serve as a means of associating a person in connection with a business so that you can contact them at a later date.

The standard size for a conventional business card is only 85mm x 55mm, so be careful not to include too much information and risk compromising between having a professional looking card, or a crammed unprofessional looking ‘biography’ (sorry that was a joke). Now –  let’s get straight to it…


Step #1. Select Marketing Materials / Business Cards.


First login to your Canva account and select a template from the Create a design window.

Once you have logged in, you will be greeted with your personal Canva dashboard. This is where your work will be saved and from where you can access an array of different templates for building your own graphic design pieces. The options available vary from social media formats to conventional printed material such as business stationery and posters…


Step #2. Upload Your Own Images.

upload your own images

Select UPLOADS from the tabs located to the left of the dashboard.

Taking the necessary steps using Canva is pretty self-explanatory. Once you have successfully opened a new business card template, the next mini-steps are to complete the designated text areas with you own details and replace the graphics with your own company’s logo.

Step #3. Download Your Completed Business Card.

canva download
Now you can download the final artwork for printing. You will also have options for saving JPG web file, or high quality PNG files.

Save as PDF

Most Printing firms will require your final artwork in the industry standard, PDF: for print format.

Now how easy was that!