Best Custom Website Builders | WYSIWYG Visual Editors

3 Best – Value for Money Website Page Builders. 

1. BeaverBuilder

beaver builder

Crisp Clean and Professional

You know how important it is complying with the latest best practices. Well with this fast WordPress Page Builder Plugin, allows you to build responsive WordPress websites without touching a line of code. BeaverBuilder can be used with practically any WordPress theme or the BB framework theme. [ Learn more ]


2. ThriveThemes

Architect Thrive Themes

Conversion Focused Maestro

In my opinion, the maestro of conversion-focused WordPress themes and Plugins, that provide you with carefully thought out features centered around making conversions and whilst looking good.

ThriveThemes have been a long-time Word On Press favorite.

Now, ThriveArchitect, just like its predecessor Thrive Content Builder is a no gimmicks business plugin that provides the basis for building any type of website page you want, using WordPress. And what you’ll love most is that this visual editor is compatible with most themes [ Learn more ]


3. DIVI Theme

DIVI purple

Build Pages Visually.

An impressive answer to WYSIWYG or visual editing. This one is a stunner, with tons of community support and different dedicated themes to choose from. If you like the idea of designing directly onto the web page as it will appear ‘live’, then you’ll really like Divi. [ Learn more ]

Round Up!

I have to admit to a little self-indulgence here. Where I come across and write about what I consider to be a cleverly useful and innovative product…Just because I like it!

But really… this post seeks to bring to the forefront the idea of how a professional online presence can be achieved with less effort than at first expected using the right supported software.

Game Changing

Now, what it really is that ‘tickles my fancy’ about these web page builders, is the comparative closeness to traditional web design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, you can achieve in terms of front-end design – the flexibility, in my opinion, is ‘game-changing’.

Many of these types of website page builders exist both as; standalone software solutions or rather SasS (Software as a Service), or, as a suite of WordPress plugins and themes, like those found at ThriveThemes.



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