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What Does It Take To Become An Accomplished Writer?


As an ambitious writer you will probably have many questions regarding the ‘ins and outs’ of publishing your own material. You may even be actively engaged in forums and book publishing membership sites, seeking inspiration, advice and tips.

These have hopefully proven to be valuable resource for you and have answered most of your questions…


So, if you’re still looking for a little more motivation, head-off to… Write Your Way To Success now! and rummage through all the freshly squeezed content we have in store for you, such as:

Is Your Writing Good Enough ?

The mention of  the word author often brings to mind 2 types of images , one , of an author who writes thick juicy addictive books, or two, the dry boring text books that put us to sleep. Not every writer is an author…

Tips on becoming a Professional Writer.

As you probably already know there is a lot more to being a writer than just simply writing. The use of English and Grammer should be part of your ‘armour’, whilst keeping track of business activities and finding writing projects will be your responsibility.

Writing Career Opportunities

What kind of writer do you see yourself as ?

– Fiction Writer ?

– Technical Writer ?

– TV Writer ?

– Professional Blogger ?

Finding the right career line for you may sometimes depend on the skills you have developed both through life experience and  writing. Amongst the different types of writers , you will find that the good one often have skills which complement the type of writing they do. A technical writer for example, would have to be good at explaining complicated processes in simple to understand language. Whilst a Fiction writer would require to use a lot of imagination…

Write Your Way To Success

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