Is WordPress Automattic? At Least That’s What It Looks Like.

is automattic wordpress
Did you also believe WordPress is Automattic – And that Bootstrap was something to do with alcohol?

So here’s the joke when I asked; is WordPress really Automattic?

The answer I got was;
Yes, but you have to set it all up yourself! 

Now, joking aside, and let’s face it, how many of you WordPress users out there can name at least three organisations responsible for the development of the WordPress platform?

Yep, Automattic, Automattic and Automattic. Now, isn’t it funny that even after becoming aware that WordPress is actually Open Source. However, and rightfully so, the perception remains that most people still lean towards the belief that from a business perspective, Automattic is responsible for the development of WordPress. Automattic’s Jetpack alone will have you believe the same as everyone else.

Jetpack, a name fairly synonymous with both WordPress and Automattic, itself as a single plugin provides many powerful features by attaching your WordPress site to the’s infrastructure.

Within the software, you have access to over two dozen popular WordPress plugins. I mean with just having Jetpack installed and you have an array of extra features at your disposal that was once only available to self-hosted sites.

But, What Has Automattic Done for WordPress Lately?

Well, to start with, Automattic are also responsible for other popular WordPress add-ons and services, including; AkismetGravatarPolldaddyVaultPress and the great WooThemes and WooCommerce. 

Wait a minute…did I just say WooThemes? Absolutely, in case you haven’t caught up yet, WooThemes, WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic back in 2015, which back then indicated just how WordPress as a platform was moving towards appealing to an even greater commercial audience.

And then there are the other entities such as WordPress VIP  and Cloudup. Which I had never heard of until researching for this post. 

What Can You Do For WordPress?

Bearing in mind WordPress is Open Source, if you are passionate about WordPress, you too can contribute towards the development and use of the platform in some way. In fact, if you are a developer, designer, UX designer, writer, user, and enthusiast, why not find yourself a place within a WordPress community.

Now, if you happen to be someone looking to develop, say a theme or plugin for WordPress, you may do well at introducing yourself to the Bootstrap framework as your starting point.


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WordPress has a wide community fuelled by events such as WordCamp – just saying…thought it would be interesting to know.

Anyway, as you have probably gathered, WordPress is a community fueled project, where Automattic does play and continues to play an affirmative role in the development of WordPress. So forgive me if I may have given the impression that WordPress was actually owned by Automattic in any past posts here at or wordonPress

However, this is about empowering YOU and your craft for wherever you want to go…

..but let’s take stock for a moment and consider that due to the nature of WordPress – being that it’s Open Source, it’s difficult to imagine that the software would have ever become as popular as it is today.

What do you think, is Open Source the best way forward for the future development of software for the Internet? And does it really provide the opportunity for developers to innovate both quickly and safely?