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Amazon Research Software – A Recommendation That Sticks!!!

Back in August 2013 I described AmaSuite as the following;

A three-in-one Amazon Research Software kit that consist of three powerful Amazon research tools, that with little effort will help Amazon 3rd party sellers quickly and efficiently find the most profitable products.

Plus with the available training, you can become an Amazon marketing expert in no time.

That was then. Today, AmaSuite is still going strong.

All AmaSuite software works on both PC & Mac and as expected AmaSuite 5 offers everything the previous versions offered and much more. Plus, you’ll get free training and other bonuses that will have you up and running as an Amazon expert in no time.


AmaSuite, The Softare Kit For Serious Amazon Sellers.

1. ama Keyword Generator, allows you to tap into Amazons most highly used search terms by using data directly from the amazon website rather than google or other search engines. Plus, you can save time and effort using ama Keyword Generator to find relevant keywords from multiple sources besides Amazon.

2. ama Top Product Analyzer, a quick and simple way to extract the top 100 Amazon products based on your chosen category, such as the most wished for, best rated, best seller and most gifted. This will then allow you to home-in on specific details which will give you the information to make informative decisions with your Amazon Marketing

3. ama Search Analyzer, a quick and simple way to refine your search, analyse and select the best selling products. I’ll tell you what!!!…using ama Search Analyzer beats going through the process of finding products manually.

4. ama Review Analyser, allows you to differentiate from other sellers on amazon. You can quickly gather all the reviews, including complaints of course. With this data you can then isolate word combinations based on what people are saying and therefore create an informed description of the products you wish to promote, hence highlighting the points people mostly resonate with.

5. Ali Inspector, allows you to search Ali-express for potential products that you can source inexpensively and sell on Amazon.

Who Is This For?

AmaSuite is ideal for anyone already selling physical products via Amazon, or individuals looking for methods of fine-tuning and enhancing their existing marketing strategies. If you are serious about selling physical products without the hassle of endless manual research, AmaSuite is for you.

What’s About Me I’m New To All This ?

Don’t worry if you are not fully conversant with selling physical items via the Internet. The AmaSuite training and bonuses included with your purchase will have you up to speed in no time. Use my special link below to take advantage now.




Amasuite is brought to you by Dave Guindon and Chris Guthrie

In order to minimise the competition and avoid over-saturation amongst AmaSuite users, this product will incrementally increase in price and may even occasionally be taken off the market for a period of time.