6 of The Best All-in-One Membership Site Software

6 of The Best Membership Solutions to Selling Online Courses and Digital Products.


All-in-one membership club!

If you are currently of the mindset for providing ongoing value for your customers from within a closed community or group-like eco-environment…

…or would that be ecosystem?

Anyway, with a membership site you will be able to get closer to your customers and continue providing them with solutions and your best content. A membership styles site will give your customers access to their own personal space within your online business.

Now, depending on what’s appropriate for your specific business, you could be as elaborate as making your site ‘social’, you know, where members can interact with each other just like Facebook. Wouldn’t that be great for teaching?

On the other hand, you could have a membership site that is as simple as, let’s say; each member has access to their own dashboard, from which they can access your exclusively available content.

Each experience is customised in response to which activities or interactions have been completed. All in all, providing a smooth and seamless, personalised customer experience.

Another good thing about running a membership site is that you can charge a recurring fee, which can both help make your service comfortably affordable to customers, as well as generate a regular income for you.

6 of the Best All in One Membership Solutions.

Now, choosing a solution will often boil down to factors such as; ease of use, cost, and of course the quality of the software and whether it can do what you want.



1. InstaMember

Using InstaMember is a relatively quick and simple way of getting up and started with a full functioning membership site. The plugin allows you to assign affiliates, add and manage products, include 3rd party mailing and other services…

If you are looking for recruiting affiliate partners InstaMamber provide an easy to manage, intuitive dashboard.

InstaMember is a good choice if you want that standalone membership control that is not tied to monthly or other extra fees. Also, InstaMember has a its own special supporting WordPress Theme and other InstaProducts.



Who is this for:
Product owners, content creators, entrepreneurs, those with enrolling
affiliates in mind. Plus, general product and content protection.


 2. Value Add-On (Highlighted Product)


Now, Value Addon allows users to quickly and easily prepare online digital content for online courses, ready for visitors to signup and make purchases with minimal fuss. 

This membership platform is co-owned by JVZoo.com and is also the “Official Membership Platform” for the entire JVZoo community.

“Unlike” similar companies like Kajabi, WishList, DAP… etc, “Value Addon is SIMPLE” and only takes minutes to setup and comes with everything a user needs to produce a ready-to-sell membership site setup within minutes.

Who do we reckon this is for:
Users wanting to hold courses that allow interaction with students
and general membership site management…



3. Kajabi


Kajabi is an easy point-and-click system requiring no technical skills. Nothing to download or install. No hosting necessary. Start selling your digital content TODAY.

Use Kajabi To Make Money Selling Online Courses, Membership Sites and Information Products.

Easily add and share videos, audio files, PDFs, or other content with all or specific member levels. You can distribute your content in any way you need: quickly, on a particular date, or trickled out as per scheduled.

One-Minute Marketing Pages: Make sales pages;  squeeze pages, featured and download pages…

No Experience Required.


Who do we reckon this is for:
Ideal for running courses and general membership site.
Users wanting a quick start without having to deal with hosting.




4. aMember Pro


With aMember you can accept subscription payments, manage customer profiles, deliver digital content, integrate with your blog, forum, or CMS, send opt-in newsletters, run your own affiliate program. 

Easy integration with WordPress, XenForo, vBulletin and more. Translated in 6 Languages. Multiple payment options; including PayPal, WorldPay, Clickbank, 2Checkout,

Who do we reckon this is for:
Users wanting general product and content protection.



5. Digital Access Pass (DAP)

DAP offers control to fully automate membership levels from; free members to “buyers only”, with one-time payments or recurring.

DAP has all the common features for protecting and drip feeding content. As well as integration with your email autoresponder.


Who do we reckon this is for:
Users wanting to hold courses that allow
interaction with students



6. WishList Member™


Another easy to use membership solution, that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Once setup you can quickly start protecting your content; create teaser post, where readers need to perform an action to access the main content.

Comes complete with protected members-only content, integrated payments, member management…


Who do we reckon this is for:
Most users looking for a quick solution for
general digital content delivery.


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