Adding A Digital Product to Your WordPress WooCommerce Store

digital products

Basic Tip: Adding a Digital Product Using The WooCommerce Plugin.

Objective: adding a new digital product to your WordPress website using the WooCommerce plugin.

To add a digital product to your ‘Woo-commerce’ online store using WordPress,  you will need to;

a) First add a New Product so that it displays an image(s)

b) Upload the digital file which customers will purchase and download.

c) Add the price, description  and other attributes to your product.

Although the following steps may seem long in written form, in real terms you should get through this within 5 minutes – providing you have all the required files ready.

WooCommerce Step 1

a) From within your WordPress Dashboard,
select Products > Add Product… (‘Product’ is normally found just below the WooCommerce tab).


The Add New Product editor will open, allowing you to type the Product Name. Ignore the text area for now, and immediately scroll down to the Product Data fields as shown below.

This is where you will add the actual digital products your customers will download after making a purchase.


Make your digital product downloadable by checking both the Virtual: and Downloadable: boxes.

b) With the Downloadable: box checked, the fields allowing you to upload the files you wish to make available for downloading will appear.

Select Choose file to upload your digital product.


c) Now, give the downloadable file a name. This can be the Product Name as used previously. You may then add additional files if you wish.

Remember the file(s) you upload, can be saved straight from the software used to create them e.g. an image file (png, jpg, eps, etc) and document file (pdf, doc, etc). You can also save individual files, or a number of files together, as a compressed Zip file.

Note: Compressing multiple files as a Zip, is normally the better and tidier option.


d) Add the price, description and other attributes to your product..
You can add a Regular price ($) for your product. If the product is for sale, you can simply add a price to the Sale price ($) field.  To display both the regular and sale price, enter a value for both fields.

add price


WooCommerce Step 2

a) Upload and set the product image(s) –
The Product Image sets the main image related to your product. To include multiple images, such as in cases where a product may be available in different colours, use Product Gallery to show the different colours.


Most of the WooCommerce options and features are fairly self-explanatory. However, here is a list of some those relevant to this topic.

Product Data
select the product type; Simple product, Grouped product, External / Affiliate product, Variable product.

check the virtual box for intangible products that are not shipped.

check the downloadable box to give access to the download on purchase