How Do I Prevent My Site Going Live Whilst Under Development?

invisible until you are ready to let them seeHow to edit, save and test your WordPress changes without affecting your public site?


Another way to make your WordPress site invisible until you are ready to let them see…


It would not be a surprise that you too, whilst making changes to your WordPress website, you have found yourself thinking during the process; that you are probably affecting someone’s experience.

After all, it cannot possibly be a good idea to be making changes whilst you have live visitors…

Meanwhile, you are fully aware that you have the availability of plugins that allow you to temporarily close your site – a coming soon page, with countdown timers and all the other bells and whistles. However, right now that’s a little too extreme.

Or, it might be that you have decided on a more responsible local approach of creating a staging environment. From where you can safely work from a cloned version of your site.

Create a Staging Site without interrupting performance!

Under traditional circumstances, staging can also be deemed as extreme, especially with all the technical stuff that needs to be prepared and configured from your Cpanel.

1 staging with bluhost
Bluehost Installed WordPress dashboard

But, here’s a really convenient method you can use from within your BlueHost installed WordPress website. It’s staging without the initial hassle and to get started, first visit the Bluehost tab to the left of your dashboard. It’s normally located near the top.

Clone your current production site to staging…

Now, if the mere mention of the Cpanel, databases and the likes, gets you a little nervous. Basically, under the staging environment mode, after you have cloned your current production site and settings, you can start editing as you normally would from the WordPress dashboard.

Under staging environment mode, you will be working temporarily from another location on your server, however, this version will not be readily available to the public. 

Depending on the deployment option you choose, which are; 1. Deploy Files Only, 2. Deploy Files and Database to Production, and 3. Deploy Database Only. You will now be able to test all your changes have taken the desired effect and then apply them publicly only when they are indeed ready.

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